Our residential services can cover absolutely any renovation and construction
project, either within your home or a commercial location!


We use Acrylic Stucco finish coat for new ICF building. The wedding 'ICF & Acrylic Stucco' is the 'Better Way to Build a Better Building'!


The bathrooms sell houses. Every dollar invested in a bathroom will usually be recovered at the resale of the house. Therefore, renovating a bathroom is not an expense.


For many people, renovating a basement is not a priority. But from a comfort point of view, this is one of the best renovation projects to consider.


Clotek fix your concrete slab or building a new one. Cement is an art and we are the artist.


Owning rental property is a delicate balance. On one hand, you want to take care of it to make sure your building increases in value. On the other hand...


We provide innovation in demolition services to get every job done on time, on budget, and with safe and effective solutions.


Each piece of your flooring is placed with full attention by our installer. We never cut corners on material and labor for a full creative design.

Full House

We provide full house service for CONCRETE FORMS home construction who is a proven technologies to make building easier and faster.

Home Addition

If you think your home is now too small and you need additional rooms, opting for a home addition instead of buying a new house is the right decision!

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms allows concrete homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.


Cook up a new kitchen look or a whole new kitchen with a cabinetmaker and Clotek Construction is your proven kitchen contractor. We will guide you through every step of building it with a meticulous finishes.


Water can enter a basement through and (and every) opening available, including cracks in the wall, floor, and windows. There are simple, permanent solutions for stopping water from leaking through any kind of basement crack...


A pergola is a structure built to provide overhead shade and go great with pools, spas or decks. It is usually supported on...


Alberta Garden Sheds Division. We build custom shed or garage with an inspirational design for your backyard and home.


Vinyl Siding is a really good choice of exterior cladding in Canada. We install a variety of vinyl siding materials including soffit and facia.


A stairway or simply stairs and stair rail installation required skills gained through years of experience.


Improve the makeup of any room with beautiful, eye-catching details, trimwork and moulding work in your home with custom style serve both functional and decorative needs.


How your home looks and feels has a lot to do with your doors & windows. Giving your front a facelift with a new door or a set of new windows that reflects your...